What Narendra Modi’s Thumb finger foretells……….

The first joint or nail phalange of the thumb, is long and thin.

In such cases that it has the most absolute control over his temper,

Will Mr.Narendra Modi become the Prime Minister of India


Mr. Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi


This is what Numerology tells about him.

how the Narendra Mod’s own numbers are playing an important role in his political career.

He was born on 17th September 1950 Therefore His numbers are 5 and 8 and his interchangeable numbers are 1- 4, 2 -7.


Art reveals mysteries of color, form, design, pose, and a thousand and one subtlest that escape eyes of an ordinary observer to a student of Art. Likewise man has earned his success on the physical and mechanical plane, he forgets the loss he has sustained due to the lack of observation on the occult or psychic side of humanity.

Man is more occupied today in building things that will cause the destruction of life not realizing that he is creating problems to his own life itself, by manipulating the laws of nature which creates, controls and sustains life.

Number of Uranus

Number of Uranus in Numerology

Uranus – The inventor, explorer, game changer or revolutionary or the one who brings mass reformation, call it anyway, but its the single most important planet in this age of universe. Number of uranus is 4, but it is not 4 alone. Now, traditional numerology system allocates number from 1 to 9 to corresponding nine planets. Where 4 and 7 being uranus and neptune respectively. But mere planetary knowledge is not enough to dwell deep into the science of numerology. We must analyze the structure of our solar system, then the age of the universe corresponding to our solar system, and further the zodiacal age thats ruling the earth. Now, all these factors combine together determine the course of life in earth as well as the quality of the human species, its karmic factors and the evolutionary pattern.

Before learning about the significance of planet Uranus,  resting our amazement for a while, let us recap the origin and age of universe as told by the greatest saints of our times. Now, this knowledge is not affirmed by one person, whereas it is acknowledged by various saints of different age from different countries and race.

for more, click here http://astronlogia.com/2011/12/09/number-of-uranus/.

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